Upcoming show for Lianne Todd

Hello all, I hope you’ll join me in London on the night of July 8 as I exhibit, for the first time ever, the new direction I’ve been taking with my art over the past 3 or 4 years.  These pieces are completely different from what I usually have done in subject matter, and I have also branched out into digital art, along with some photography.  For a little more information about the work, please visit my new website, fractaliart.com.

Poster - The Fractal Nature of Our Universe

4 responses to “Upcoming show for Lianne Todd

  1. Congratulations  Lianne on your upcoming show! Interesting so often we hear things like, “the Universe is all mathematics”.Not that I understand that but it is very intriguing. 

    I will attend this Wednesday’s meeting in Ingersoll.

    cheers,   Bunny Warner,   519-295-0054 http://www.artworkbybunnywarner.com

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