Presentation by Troy David Ouellette this coming week at our Annual Meeting

It’s September again and time for us to have our annual meeting to launch our new year as a membership.  This year’s meeting will be extra special because one of our members, Mike Brouse, has arranged for us to have a speaker who will definitely be of interest to any artist working in the region.

Troy Ouellette, of Westland Gallery in London, will be speaking to the Artists of Oxford at the Woodstock Art Gallery on Wednesday, September 17 at 7 pm in the Community Gallery. His topic is: New Materialism, Assemblage Theory in Relation to Creativity. Troy has recently earned a PhD in art from York University and will help us to keep an open mind to new concepts in art. Artists of Oxford has opened the talk to all people with an interest in art. All are welcome, and it’s free to attend.

Following the presentation, there will be a question and answer period, and then we will have a short business meeting for the group.  Nominations will be taken for a new president and vice-president, as Lianne Todd is stepping down as president this fall.  Membership dues are payable as of this meeting, and due by October 15.  A reminder email will be sent by October 5 to those who still need to pay.

In other news, our exhibitor for the month of September at the Ingersoll Public Library is Bunny Warner.  Coming up in October will be an exhibit by Lianne Todd.

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