October Ingersoll Library Exhibit

For the month of October, those who were unable to see Lianne Todd’s exhibit The Fractal Nature of Our Universe in the summer at The ARTS Project, or who didn’t know about it, will be able to see a small portion of it at the new exhibit space we’ve been lucky to obtain (thanks to OCCI) in the Ingersoll Public Library.  Twelve pieces of original art demonstrating the versatility of fractal geometry and its suitability as part of a Grand Unified Theory of everything hang there for viewers to contemplate.  The exhibit consists of three original watercolours on paper, three on gessoed paper, and six original digital images printed on metal.  For more information about fractals, and to see other pieces, please follow the blog FractaLiArt.com, where Lianne is introducing the art and the relationship of fractals with the cosmos.

Fractal Art by Lianne Todd

Fractal Art by Lianne Todd

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