This week’s excursion

Yesterday was “an exceptionally great day for plein air.  It was a fresh, clear blue day on the north Thames with no bugs.  Perfect!” said Mike Brouse, our president.  Members of our group gathered at a different location than originally planned, on a different day, but it all worked out well. “I was still set up when we remembered to take a pic.”  All of us look forward to more days like this!


One response to “This week’s excursion

  1. Well there you are you handsome devil! Good shot of painting plein air for sure. I am looking forward to developing some of the pics to paint. Have a fun weekend. I just remembered we had planned to check out Maria’s place for plein air, and also that other gal on the Sweaburg Rd. We must try and fit that all in sometime. Cathy Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 14:33:34 +0000

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