Marg Douglas on Art Therapy

It was a real treat to have Margaret (Marg) Douglas speak on her past experience as an Art Therapist at the last Artist of Oxford meeting. Marg spoke about how art can be used as a tool to help traumatized children talk about potential abuses and traumas. Art is very revealing because of the colours and images that can be used to express feelings. For example, Marg talked about how asking children to draw animals helps them open up about themselves and their families. It’s a safe way to transfer fears and experiences to animals that are ‘symbolically’ like ourselves.

As an exercise, Marg invited the group members to engage in sand art and in fractal drawings. Apparently, these methods are very revealing, and I think we all learned a thing or two about each other.


Marg Douglas

Marg Douglas

Artists of Oxford

Art Therapy demo through fractal drawings

Art Therapy through sand

Art Therapy through sand

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