Oxford Studio Tour

While the Oxford Studio Tour is not affiliated with the Artists of Oxford group, many past, present and/or future members of AO do participate in the tour.  As it is our mandate to foster the development of visual arts in Oxford County and to promote and encourage art appreciation, we would like to invite everyone in southwestern Ontario to take this opportunity to view not just the talent and hard work of so many artists, but the beauty of Oxford County in spring.

The following was written by a friend of the tour:

The 10th Annual Oxford Studio Tour Saturday, May 6 and Sunday, May 7 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. features 38 individual artists, including nine new exhibitors at 18 locations throughout the county. Glossy brochures available at art galleries and tourist sites both in the country and beyond, and the website www.oxfordstudiotour.ca contain a complete listing of artists, descriptions of their work, locations and detailed maps. Those seeking further information may call 519-842-6151.

The collective works in double digits worth of distinct media ranging through various painting styles and photography to pottery, jewellery and fibre arts, journeying disparate artistic routes along a linked quest for creative expression.

Participants range from enthusiastic amateurs to seasoned 30-year professionals like Ontario Society of Artists member Cathy Groulx, whose work is featured in Ontario government collections. Regardless of experience level, or whether artists approach their work as livelihood or part-time outlet, there is a shared passion for the creative process.

“It’s a part of me that I can’t turn off,” said Groulx. “Every painting is a new challenge I look forward to.”

Every tour is a challenge looked forward to by organizers including Sue Goossens, a distinctive and well-known Otterville-area watercolour artist. The tour truly does offer something for everyone, says Goossens, a cliché, but accurate nonetheless.

The collected works represent a broad body of work both creatively and geographically that Goossens says is beyond the scope of two days. Rather than making the tour a race, she suggests previewing the brochure or website, narrowing down some preferences, including a new medium or two for variety, and spending some time to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the art.

“Talk to the artists,” she concluded. “Spend some time.”

Photo credit goes to the writer of the above italicized text.

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