Bio – Kristi Osinga

Kristi Osinga, artist in Oxford County, Ontario, CA

Kristi Osinga, artist in Oxford County, Ontario, CA

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Kristi Osinga completed her Illustration course at Sheridan College in 2003. Though drawing had always been second nature to Kristi, she did not feel completely comfortable with a paint brush until her continuing studies brought her full circle back to her high school art teacher Moe Cosyn. Loving to draw, but not comfortable with colour, Kristi started using Tea as a natural stain, paired with charcoal and graphite. Later her pursuit of deeper, richer mid-tones, led her to the discovery of Coffee art. Another natural, and most important, long-lasting medium, coffee grounds, or even instant coffee mixed with water, brought a new depth to her art. Around this time she started taking art lessons with Moe Cosyn and it was then that it all fell into place. Using coffee as her base and adding water colours to substitute any of the colours she was lacking, her process finally allowed her to bring what she envisioned in her head to life. The medium matched her style perfectly allowing her to have deep rich shadows without the flat colour that came from using the black charcoal. A couple coats of spray varnish paired with a coat of printable varnish ensures that these pieces will last a lifetime, with or without a frame, on water colour paper or canvas.

While Kristi was discovering her style, she was also one of the founding members of Artists of Woodstock which has since grown into Artists of Oxford. She joined that group right out of college and currently holds the treasurer’s position. She was also a founder of Oxford Creative Connections. For three years she devoted herself to this project, bringing artists with different passions, such as sculptors, painters, stage performers, and musicians, together, benefiting all.

Since her graduation, she has had many juried group exhibits, including the annual Craigowan Exhibition 2005 through 2011, as well as the annual Oxford Studio Tour 2007 through 2012. Kristi has displayed at the Elmhurst Inn in Ingersoll, has been featured in many articles in local newspapers, and has shown her work in the Woodstock Art Gallery numerous times including the juried exhibit in 2012. In January of 2013 Kristi hade her first solo exhibit at the Tillsonburg Station Arts. Through her affiliation with the Artists of Oxford she will be showing in many group shows in the future.

To contact Kristi to order a commissioned work, or to learn about her upcoming exhibits, please contact her by email at:, or visit her website.