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Artists of Oxford (AO) was an organization that was established in 2007 to foster the development of visual arts in Oxford County and to promote and encourage art appreciation. The group was a support network for professional artists in the region bringing together people of all levels of artistic achievement.

It was our vision that Oxford shall be a community where art is embraced and artists and art organizations are supported and recognized as vital and central to the creative life of the County. AO is a leading advocate for the Visual Arts, promoting activities to increase the appreciation, enjoyment and use of art and works of art by the community.

AO provided an environment in which artists developed their skills, met to share ideas and enjoy mutual support and encouragement in meeting common goals. It served as a forum to discuss upcoming shows, share expertise, equipment and resources.

We were dedicated to further the awareness, appreciation and support of the arts by a diverse audience by hosting two to three shows each year in which our artists exhibited their work through professionally juried and non-juried environments.

Due to inadequate availability of leadership and volunteers to organize activities for this group, it has been inactive since September 2017.  Anyone interested in the artistic community of  Oxford County Ontario is encouraged to look into Oxford Creative Connections Inc., the Oxford Studio Tour, the Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre, the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre, the Woodstock Art Gallery, and/or the Welcome Back to Otterville studio tour.  The artistic community is alive and well!

2 responses to “About Us

  1. Hello My name is Danielle. I came from Edmonton, AB. I miss a lot of the festivals that were put on in Edmonton. One of my absolute most favorite festivals is the Kaleido Family Art Festival. I was hoping to somehow get a bunch of people. artists, venues, businesses, etc, involved in bringing this beautiful celebration of art to Woodstock. I would love to be a part of organizing this and getting people in on it as well. It takes an entire art community. But it’s a beautiful way of bringing together all the cultures that live within the community. A great way to see what talents people have here and brings new talents and interests to light. It also attracts other artists to town too. Thanks for listening. 🙂

    • Hi Danielle,
      Perhaps you would like to attend Oxford Creative Connections Inc.’s new festival this year, the Halls Creek Festival of Creativity. It’s on September 12th and 13th, 2015, in Ingersoll. We are going to post about it shortly. I am not sure if it will match up to what you are thinking of, but perhaps it will come close and if not, you could be a source of suggestions to the organizers! Thanks for your comment,
      Lianne Todd, AO

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