Note:  at this time, our membership has no leadership.  As a result, our group cannot function to hold meetings, events, exhibits, etc.  We are currently a ‘frozen’ group – we did not accept membership fees in September 2017.  If you are interested in membership or in communicating with us please feel free to contact us. We can put you on our mailing list in case of new activity if you like.  If any one has an interest in re-starting this group’s activity by becoming President, we would love to hear from you.

Click Here to get the: AO Membership Form 2016

Any organization is only as strong as its membership. The enthusiasm and support of the Artists of Oxford (AO) members is essential to the success of the group. Membership enthusiasm and support will make the group grow in stature, provide the public with top exhibitions and information about art and artists in Oxford County. This will, in turn, assist each individual artist member to maintain a high level of competence and provide the best exposure throughout the art community.

The members are expected to take an active role in the operation of the organization. It is only through this active participation that the organization is able to maintain its uniquely independent, self-supporting status, and foster a greater appreciation for art.

Membership is open to all interested artists. Signature membership is granted to members who have submitted artwork for two juried shows – either hosted by the membership or membership shows hosted by private or public galleries.

Membership in AO offers many benefits.

  • Attendance at organization monthly meetings.  These meetings provide an excellent opportunity to network with other artists.  Meetings will be used to discuss and inform about upcoming shows and events, critique each others work, and share specialty tools and knowledge and resources. We will also have guest speakers and demonstrations on art related topics to enrich our members. Meetings frequently feature topics concerned with the technical aspects of art, conservational framing etc.
  • We try to organize 2 or 3 shows each year, which allow our members to exhibit and sell their work.  These exhibitions will be described in more detail in the events section of the web site.
  • Link from our website to yours * subject to review of website by executive*

New members are always welcome to apply.  Click here to access the: AO Membership Form 2016

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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