Group painting project fun!

Today has been an absolutely beautiful day and a few of us got together in Otterville at the Mill to create a banner to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday next year.  Today’s banner-making was actually a practice run – we all know it takes practice to make things perfect!  Mike Brouse, our president, had some great ideas for the plan of the banner and we did our best to bring his vision to light.  Now that we have finished this one, I think we all have a better idea of what the final product should entail.


Some spattering and dripping to start…IMG_1388 IMG_1390

The maple leaf takes shape…IMG_1391

Mike shows us the kind of figures he’s envisioned…IMG_1392

We begin to add them in…IMG_1398 At one point we were joined by a furry friend looking for food at the picnic area!IMG_1401

The requisite selfie….


And at the end of the day…


4 responses to “Group painting project fun!

  1. It was a great day! Mike had a vision, brought some art supplies and we enjoyed each other’s artsy ideas and methods. The weather was also ideal and I think the next one will be even better.

  2. Congrats. And you could have had a coon skin hat with a tail. Danny boy style. Mike de Belleval

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